YouTube - April 2019 - 9.2K views
Breakups are hard — very hard. Breakups are probably one of the most universal things people of all ages, races, and demographics go through. They're pretty awful, and like a bad flu, each one is its own beast with unique ups and downs.
YouTube - October 2019 - 95.6K views
Wes and Kyra offer teenage break up advice. Here are several tips for helping teenagers learn how to leave a relationship with a romantic partner. Today Kyra and I will discuss tips for helping teens learn how to end a relationship.
YouTube - January 2019 - 9.1K views
Probably the only thing worse than being dumped is being the person about to do the dumping. That being said, there is a lot that you can do to make your break up fair.
YouTube - January 2019 - 69.4K views
Teen love can be sweet and all-encompassing and intense. But, well, probably not. Barbara Greenberg , an adolescent and family psychologist in Connecticut.
YouTube - October 2019 - 22.5K views
You may be a parent now, but you were once a teenager. You may remember your first love, and maybe even tasted the bitter end to a relationship with a breakup.
YouTube - May 2019 - 52.4K views
The only thing that sounded remotely appealing to this year-old single parent was locking herself in her bedroom and curling up under the covers for the rest of her life. Yet she had to think about her teenage daughter, Nicole. After all, even though...
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Teens break up
As Neil Sedaka sings, “Breaking up is hard to do ” In this edition of Our Two Sense, Dr. Wes and Kyra offer teenage break up advice. Here are several tips for .We all have to go through break ups at some point. It can be hard to watch your teenager go through the distress and pain of breaking up for the first time. Teenagers have as much to learn from break ups as they do from having relationships. Your teenager is likely to be confused and upset. This part of their life that they loved has ended and they will be grieving for that time. You can help them through this distressing time by supporting them, giving them guidance on what comes next, and showing them how to handle a break up respectfully.... Read more